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Easy $5.00 Total Shipping on all orders in the U.s.

About This Company


Who is JW Print & Design?

My name is Jeremy White (J.W.) and I am the creator/founder of JW Print & Design. I was simply an everyday guy with a driving passion. A passion to create. Now, what began as a simple creative outlet is a medium using that creativity to provide others with a way to express their own similar passions and beliefs.

Why I Started This Company.

In today’s extreme & volatile political climate, a new mindset toward individuality and tolerance has emerged. Where once an individual voice could be heard and ideas debated, it is now silenced by the screams of the larger crowd. Fit in or fall in are the only acceptable actions against an ever-growing, aggressive mob. Trying to stand out or make a statement will quickly get your ideas or beliefs stomped out. That led to why this company was founded. Many core beliefs I’d been raised with were being trampled upon day by day. Beliefs such as loving your country, respect for men and women in uniform, as well as The First and Second Amendment rights. But I knew there had to be others like me, that still held to these fundamental beliefs and this company was created to give them a voice.

Why choose our products?

DISCLAIMER: Our products are not for those with fragile or tender egos. Many of our products can and will stir up a bit of controversy. While at times humorous, our products stand firmly behind issues that will “rock the boat” with people who are easily offended. We provide quality printed products we believe in around issues we are sold out to. If adversity or confrontation make you uncomfortable please don’t buy from us with false expectations. But, if you are a red-blooded, white-hot, blue collar American who wants to share your stance with the world, check out our consistantly updated library of products that just might say what you’ve been meaning to.